Alois Hîrja: „Religia” în şcoală: o perspectivă hermeneutică

The possibility of studying religion in the state schools is a victory of the freedom will and of the revolution against communism, but also represents a presence required by the educational process itself. But, because today, at 20 years after this revolution, the religion’s presence in schools has caused many harsh critics and hostilities, Alois Hîrja, using the data of “the new hermeneutics”, especially the one of H.G. Gadamer, plans in this article to underline the irreplaceable role of religion in the curriculum of the Romanian schools. In this research, the author exposes the arguments which justify this presence, the identity of “religion” as subject in school and its role in pupil’s human maturation. All these aspects are presented in a hermeneutical viewpoint, considering also the exigencies of the integral humanism which has in centre the anthropological aspect more than the epistemological one: non scholae sed vitae discimus.

DT233_Alois Hîrja

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