Bartolomeo Sorge: Dimensiunea etică în economia contemporană potrivit magisteriului social

Along the centuries, mankind has passed through many crises that it has surpassed, but which have marked its identity. Today mankind is registering a period characterized by the economical, moral or axiological depression. In this article, Bartolomeo Sorge is tackling this topical theme, embracing Church’s specific method: to see – to consider – to act. In the first part of this approach, the author exposes the phenomenology of the nowadays economical slump, which has global repercussions. We are present today at a structural slump, which is different from the random one, because it changes culture, values and institutions. Quid agendum? The author proposes two solutions: the industrial units reform and the social state’s reform. Even if in the study there are marked some negative aspects, its message transmits an impulse of hope, because behind the new challenges the author infers occasions of making progress.

DT213_Bartolomeo Sorge

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