Daniel Iacobuţ: Osmoza dintre Biserică şi Euharistie în ecleziologia lui Jean Marie Roger Tillard

Starting with the Second Council of Vatican, the theologians defined Church using new notions: communion, God’s assembly, the Eucharist assembly. The Canadian theologian Jean Marie Roger Tillard, one of the greatest of the theology of communion, developing the ecclesiology of the Second Council of Vatican, created a theology about the local Church in which he brings into bold relief the relation between ecclesiology and liturgy, starting from the strong relationship between Church and Eucharist. The article of Daniel Iacobuţ aims to present just this theology of communion, mentioning firstly its source – the Holy Trinity, in order to infer then the implications of this theological fact in the life and in the sacramental activity of the Church, especially in celebrating the Eucharist, icon of the communion in the Church. Because “Eucharist is building the Church”, at the end of this article, D. Iacobuţ recommends us to make a renewal of the liturgical spirituality and a profound study on the importance and the meaning of the Eucharist celebration.

DT227_Daniel Iacobuţ

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