Dănuţ Doboş: Justiţia politică şi „vinovăţia” de a fi catolic în anii regimului comunist

In the last years the Historical Research Department of the Roman-Catholic Bishopric approached a series of themes from the recent history, especially from the period 1948-1964, which coincided with the years of the Stalinist regime of Gheorghe Gheorghiu Dej. In this article, Dănuţ Doboş, member of this department, resumed the work and the results concerning these themes, obtained through the analysis of the discovered archive documents. The author reaches the conclusion that the victims of the communist regime are not anymore perceived as exemplar for the whole word. The justice closed the chapter of the juridical public rehabilitation; the authorities and the public opinion ignore them; the same thing can be said about the historical books and the new generations; there are some voices tributary to the past time which dishonest their memory, amplifying the crimes whose culpable is the communist Security.

DT254_Dănuţ Doboş

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