Ermis Segatti: Tendinţe în reînnoirea teologică din India. Despre Dumnezeu. Premise şi precursori

In the last decades, Europeans manifested in their religious seeking a grow attraction for the Asiatic religions, especially for Hinduism and Buddhism. This study exposes actually the points of contact and of dialog which can be established between Christians and Indian Hindu theology, which manifests an obvious inclination of getting autonomy, thanks to its sticking root in a very rich tradition recognized by history. This tradition was valued by the modern Hindu theologians: Standley Samartha, Vivekananda, Upadhyaya, Neakantha Gorec, Richard of Smet, who suggested in their books the deepness of the old Hindu thinking, and the relations which can be developed between the Hindu theology and the Christian doctrine, between Upanishads and the Christ. Thanks to its orientations favourable to the interreligious dialog, the study offers a generous opening to the approaching between Christians and non-Christians in the context of a globalized world.

DT206_Ermis Segatti

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