Florin Ursa, Lucian Dîncă: Evangelization through the media. The Holy Trinity in the Shack 2017

In the new, modern post-secular society, the Catholic Church wants its evangelization mission to be extended by the media. The most recommended form of evangelization is the direct one, face to face, but nowadays so that the biblical message of the Christ to be also reach by the young people, who spend most of their time on social media, Internet, TV, films, etc. One of the most popular media is the internet, where all the information is just a click away. The Catholic Church through the Vatican II Council wishes to become involved and encourages the involvement of clergy and believers in supporting Christian film actors and producers, Christian TV and radio stations. One of the messages that the church wants to send to the world is the mystery of the Holy Trinity. This mystery is one of faith in the living God, unique in being and intermingled in persons: God the Father (the Creator), God the Son (the Redeemer) and God the Holy Spirit. The use of cinema in the transmission of Church messages must be done with caution and well documented. Through the analysis of the movie The Shack 2017, the mystery of the Holy Trinity is revealed to the cinefiles a part as a Christian teaching in accordance with the Catholic Church’s teaching and another apart as Christian teaching intertwined with new teachings (New Age).

Dialog 49-8 Ursa

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