Francisca Băltăceanu: Traducerea documentelor Conciliului al II-lea din Vatican în limba română

In the article it is shown that a first Romanian translation was accomplished, in the given conditions of that time, in the Catholic world of Moldavia, a translation that passed by in a typed form, in a very exclusive circle, probably only in the Seminary and among some priests. Once ÎPS IOAN ROBU came at the lead of the Bucharest Archdiocese, many work possibilities opened here, in our context. In 1987, he initiated and entrusted a team to make a published form of the translation, in order to combine the rectitude with the accessibility. In the beginning, it was about a revision of the current translated text; shortly after, the process came out to implicate a huge work, with approximate results. Accordingly to his Eminence, a decision was taken to make a new translation, taking into account, obviously, anytime it was useful, what was already written.

DT119_Francisca Băltăceanu

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