Gabriel Hălănduţ: La via dell’uomo oltre le mura. Un’ermeneutica dell’interiorità imposta dal coraggio della libertà

What is human’s right place on this earth? Nonetheless, is there such a place? Through a simple hermeneutic exercise applied to monastic life since the beginnings of the Church, I tried to show in this article that there is no definitive answer to these questions. It is easily affirmed that the life of the spiritual man is rather a continuous path, a continuous dialectical movement between liberation from the cave of shadows, towards the light of an epistemological truth, and the return to the cave of one’s own interiority, where the redeeming Truth resides. It can also be seen how human life cannot be separated according to different fields of study, but that it is a unique whole. Philosophy and theology, reason and faith, are parts of the same path.


Dialog 52-2 Halandut



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