Gabriel-Iulian Robu: Cristo, fenomeno saturo, secondo Jean-Luc Marion

The four types of saturated phenomena, the event according to the quantity, the idol according to the quality, the flesh according to the relationship, and according to the modality, are all involved in the embodied in the Revelation of the christic Gestalt, as expressed by H.U. von Balthasar. Christ manifests himself as an event, as an idol (which causes glare), as the flesh (suffering and joyful) and as a face. Deepening the meaning of the keyword “saturated phenomenon” could be a great step forward to explore the specific hermeneutics of Jean-Luc Marion. Marion has always insisted that the saturated phenomenon comes by itself, without preparation and without prediction. The aspect that makes it so excessive is precisely the way it arrives, as a total surprise. The Crucifix, the Icon par excellence, saturates the expectations of every gaze and directs it towards an Other, as even in the moment of abandonment it refers to the invisible Father of whom it is the visible image. Unlike the reassuring relationship with the idol designed by the human gaze, the abandonment to faith is at first detachment of man from God, and then places him in a true relationship of communion with God.

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