Gabriel-Iulian Robu: Il nome di dio, tra metafisica, fenomenologia e teologia. La prospettiva di Jean-Luc Marion e l’influsso di Edmund Husserl

This article presents the evaluation that Marion makes of the onto- theological determination of metaphysics and of conceptual idolatry, and the resolution that is proposed through the phenomenology of the gift. The new name of God, in the logic of this phenomenology of Marion, no longer starts from the language of being, esse, but from gift and love. “Love purifies our heart from every idol, since it alone is given and said as the name of God and yet it alone occurs in the experience of this world”. God is a Gift, is donation; he is Love, and his revelation is the saturated phenomenon par excellence which shows the impossibility of impossibility by God. In past times the dialogue of theology with other sciences and atheists was partly supported by arguments provided by classical metaphysics. The cry of triumph of nihilism calls for the very end of this metaphysics and the death of its God (Nietzsche). By what name, then, do we call God after “the death of God”, in today’s philosophical background? Also, if God is really God, how can he die? Only a God who is only a “god” can die. If metaphysics has come to its end, who will assume his task and duty? These are some questions which, following Marion’s and Husserl’s indications, we will briefly try to answer, after a short presentation of the status quaestionis.


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