Gabriel-Iulian Robu: La Iglesia, la fe y la realidad de la crisis

The Church, Holy, catholic and apostolic, built on the unbreakable foundation of the Apostles, faithfully transmits the truth that has been entrusted to her and the richness of the deposit of faith that she has preserved intact throughout time. This truth is infallibly transmitted. If there is this authentic transmission of revealed truth, why is there still a crisis of faith in the lives of believers? Where do crises come from? Are crises of faith beneficial? Is the Church going through moments of crisis? Why does God allow moments of crisis in the lives of his loved ones? Speaking of the crisis as a phenomenon that can have both positive and negative effects, depending on how it is managed, we can intuit that the most appropriate attitude to go through the crisis is hope. With this in mind, I ended my article by referring to the Pope’s audience on September 20, 2017: do not give up on the night, remember that the first enemy to defeat is not outside of you: it is within. Therefore, do not give space to bitter, dark thoughts. This world is the first miracle that God made; He placed in our hands the grace of new wonders. This is our hope in the moments of crisis: God never disappoints. Hope is the attitude with which we go through times of crisis, hope and trust in God. We know that with God everything is possible, and that where our strength is weakened, His grace comes to our aid.

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