Gabriel-Iulian Robu: La misión de los Doce Apóstoles y la obra de evangelización de la Iglesia

My present intervention is divided into two parts: the first part, the mission of the Twelve Apostles and in the second part, the continuation of this mission into the work of evangelization of the Church today. Every missionary work is born from the mission of the Son of God and imitates it. Just as the Son, who was rich in glory and power, emptied himself, impoverished himself to enrich us, so the missionary service implies deprivation, abandonment of a guaranteed state, descending among the poor to enrich them with the most precious knowledge: the knowledge of Christ. This was the work of the Apostles too. The Church is called to do the same: to be missionary and evangelizer. The Second Vatican Council reminded us of this task. For two thousand years, but still today, more than half a century after the council, the Church is supporting an ongoing missionary and evangelizing self-conversion. And it’s not just about converting structures. Structural reforms do not by themselves change people’s behavior. So, what could be the key? Possibly, that each of us to have an evangelized interior, and then our works will be evangelizing.


Dialog 47-2 Robu

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