Hermann SCHUSTER: Responsabilitatea creştinilor laici în societatea pluralistă a Europei

The medieval Europe was described as an univesitas Christiana. But today it is more adequate to speak about a pluralistic Europe whose Christian roots are disputed because of the post modern laicization. Starting with this general framework, this study aims to outline the part of the lay persons in the pluralistic society of Europe, which always changes. The European Constitution even if does not refer explicitly to God, permits and stimulates the social involvement of the lay Christian, trough its foundation on the basis of the Christian values: the human dignity, equality in front of God, the religious freedom, the social involvement. The article ends in an optimistic note, expressing the author’s conviction that Europe has still “a Christian soul and a spiritual dimension”, which last thanks to the common effort of all Christian European denominations.

DT195_Hermann SCHUSTER

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