Ioan Robu: Salariul just şi condiţiile de unitate ale familiei în doctrina socială a Bisericii

„The just wage” has occupied very important place in the social Magisterium of the Church. The social sciences and especially the economical ones have dealt in great detail with this notion. In this article, Msgr. Ioan Robu exposes the inherent implications of the just wage’s notion as it results from the social doctrine from the encyclical letters of Popes, starting with Rerum novarum (1891) of the Pope Leo XIII. The main principles of the social doctrine concerning the just wage are: work is „personal” because it is human and useful to the human person, and remuneration received for it is the legitimate, proportional and inalienable fruit of work. In the context of nowadays lack of poise, which marks the global market, these principles of the moral social theology represent operative solutions which defend the dignity of the human person, but which can be applied in the international economy.


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