Iulian-Valerian Ianuş: Conceptul de persoană la Jacques Maritain

The Christian anthropology has at its base the concept of the person. The anthropologic oration of Jacques Maritain is focused on the human person as well, with its own characteristics. Maritain, commentator of Tomas de Aquino, takes from Thomism the general structure of his anthropology. His oration starts from the distinction between „specimen” and „person”, present distinction since first works. For the Maritain anthropology is characteristic that it is a metaphysical base. In this respect, we find in the texts of the French thinker a profound analysis of the ontological structure of a person: subsistence, understood as that, in its specific nature, has its being in and for itself; and personality (in a metaphysical sense, not psychological), seen as a balance between subjectivity and objectivity, between independence and dependence, through which the child is growing up and accepts actively the human condition.

DT287_Iulian Ianus

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