Marcelo Sorondo: „Veritas liberavit vos”! Chiesa e secolarizzazione. Sfide e strategie pastorali

In this article, the author examines the biblical verse „Veritas vos liberavit” – “The truth will set you free” and the pastoral challenges and strategies in the secularization of the Church. The reference point in this study is the relationship between faith and reason, the ratio between them, being two forms of evangelization: from faith to reason, and from reason to faith. Based on this report, the author talks about the conflict between the objective and philosophical reflection in the human practice. In first place, Msgr. M. Sorondo analyzed the neurological sciences and self-interpretation, then talks about conflict in the brain, the mind, the soul and being, and finally to refer the issue of evolution and creation for human beings as a third place of conflict. In the treatment of the subject, the author makes use of both the Bible and the Magisterium of the Church, but also from different philosophers in different periods of history.

DT275_Marcelo Sorondo

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