Petru GHERGHEL: Biserica frumoasă este biserica plină de lume. Dialog realizat de W. Dancă

The „church” concept, in romanian language, refers, on one hand, to „the house” where the people of God is gathering, and on the other hand, to the gathering of the faithfuls itself; this dialogue is build in these two directions. The impressive number of churches and pastoral centers which were build or rebuild in the Diocese of Iassy during the communist period, in very difficult conditions, and also after 1990, it would represent nothing else than the work of the faith belonging to the generations in times gone by, if they would not be filled with people now and in the future. The walls, no matter how big and beautiful, cannot bring the worship that the people bring to the Father in spirit and truth. The church is for man and inside man; in the same way, man should be for the church and, why not, inside the church as many times possible.


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