Petru Gherghel: Descoperirea Conciliului al II-lea din Vatican

The article begins with a pleading for the Church, that goes forward, follows its path, in spite of the threats and trials that fall upon it. Afterwards, the role of Councils is presented: they are the keepers of the unaltered redeeming truth; questions are also formulated concerning the 2nd Vatican Council in the light of the abnormal situation that our local Church experienced: a long time without a bishop and separated visibly from the Pope for many years. Nevertheless, our Church ontologically belonged to the reality of the Church itself. The central content of the article takes a quick view over Rome – where the Council took place – and over Iassy, where there was a search of a way to spread information on the Council: B. Härings’s book The 2nd Vatican Council for all, and father Ioan Ciuraru had a significant role in this acquaintance work with the Council’s documents. Finally, the author of the article asks himself: what have we achieved of the Christian life, now, 40 years after the Council’s assembly.

DT113_PS Petru Gherghel

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