Vittorio Possenti: Chiesa e secolarizzazione. Il cortile dei gentili

In this article, the author examines the relationship between secularization and the Church in terms of „the court of the Gentiles” which is inserted in the report delicately between Church and secularization. Liberal democracies, different religions were equated time, that is why the public should take from them a position of indifference and neutrality, this is true for universal religions, which were required to be limited to long private sector. Such democracies have abandoned the Hegelian scheme in which religion is incorporated and abstracted in the evolution of society and true within the state; in Europe, in addition, they are removed the American scheme, in which religion is a foundation independent of the company, remaining separate politics. For all that, a significant change is unfolded in secular thinking of the environments.

DT273_Vittorio Possenti

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