Vladimir Petercă: Reflecţii asupra Conciliului al II-lea din Vatican

The article sustains that all the difficulties that the Council fathers, all together with the shepherds and the Christians encountered when trying to penetrate and apply the 2nd Vatican Council’s norms and teachings, were for the benefit of the Church. Concerning to this, the author of the article remembers of the lab work that the 1968 generation priests made to prepare the ecclesiastical music, and refers to it as to one benefic work for the life of the Church. But the memories of the Council are linked to four great personalities that he evokes: pope Paul VI, the theologian K. Rahner, the cardinal König and the bishop R. Lettmann, the last one being cardinal Döpfner’s secretary, an important person in the social themes’ elaboration of the Council. Finally, the author asks himself if the Council’s expectations were fulfilled and to come to something like that, he claims that a permanent conversion of the Church to the Council’s spirit is required.

DT115_Vladimir Petercă

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