Wilhelm DANCĂ (coord.): „Familia creştină” în magisteriul papei Ioan Paul al II-lea. Antologie de texte magisteriale

Pope John Paul II talked about family with many occasions – the pastoral of the family being one of the fundamental coordinates of his pontificate. The structure of the apostolic advice Familiaris consortio (1981) as an orientative base in the selection of the most signifing in the magisterium of Saint Father concerning the family theme, on which an teaching edifice was built, arranged in four main parts: family today, lights and shadows; God’s plan on marriage and family; Christian family duties, the persons and their role; the serving of life. In these selected texts one can find principles of understanding and resolving of the problems that the families encounter in their path in life. The present anthology is adressed to the youth, the catechists, the priests that prepare the youth to marriage and, in a special way, to the formed families or to the families that need human and spiritual formation.


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