Wilhelm DANCĂ: Morala comunicării adevărului. Dialogul dintre filozofie, teologie şi ştiinţă

The world where we live in suffers because of moral inertness which has at its basis at least the following crisis: the tragedy of atheist humanism, the dispute on universality and stability of moral laws and the separation between science and metaphysics. This world has to develop a dialogue between philosophers, theologians, science mans, and thanks to this dialogue every domain remains what is called to be: science – science, religion – religion. Globalization, the new scientific discoveries, the neutrality of science, the dangers of agnosticism and relativism are only some of the motivations which sustain the necessity of such dialogue. Communicating the truth is depending on the every human person’s basic exigencies. In this sense the article sustains the need for new ways of communicating the truth and the urgency of recovering the dialogue between philosophy, theology and science.

DT155_Wilhelm DANCĂ

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