Wilhlem DANCĂ: Ce facem cu adevărul în spaţiul public?

Every man is searching to find out the truth. But in the public life the truth has turned into a relative conception and can be interpreted in every way one wishes, whether is for the advantage of some or for the disadvantage of others. In a world in which, among other things, it is pursued to have an ethics without truth, a metaphysics without fundaments, a Christianity without Christ, a sincerity without truth, a holiness without God and a politics without principles, peoples are still searching for the truth. There are many people wondering between the quick-sands of scepticism finding satisfaction only in the partially and casually truths. But there are also those who, willing to authentically and adequately study the truth, are helping the society to open itself towards philosophy and to philosophize and also, are supporting the Church in its mission of beeing in the service of the Truth. The returning to the recta ratio, to the normal, dialogical, opened towards the others and the Other rationality is possible and the participants to the International Congres „Truth and morality in public life” have been trying to point out this fact.

DT151_Wilhlem DANCĂ

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