Comitet Stiintific

Advisory Board Dirk Ansorge, Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology Frankfurt, Germany Cristian Barta, University „Babeş-Bolyai” of Cluj, Romania Wilhelm Dancă, University of Bucharest, Romania […]

Comitet de Redactie

Editor-in-Chief: Ştefan Lupu Executive-editor: Iulian Faraoanu Editorial Board: Fabian Doboş, University „Al.I. Cuza” of Iaşi, Romania Iulian Faraoanu, University „Al.I. Cuza” of Iaşi, Romania Benone […]


Accreditation Magazine „Theological Dialogue” The journal „THEOLOGICAL DIALOG” has been approved for inclusion in ERIH PLUS. The ERIH PLUS listing of the journal is available […]

Standarde de etică

Standards of editorial ethics at the Publishing House Sapientia 1. Avoiding plagiarism and respecting intellectual property. The publishing house has a growing concern for respecting […]

Norme de redactare

Methodological norms of text writing All contributions – studies, articles, reviews – will be sent to the editorial office in electronic format. The texts will […]

Instructiuni pentru autori

In order to make the most accurate and efficient assessment of the scientific quality and market value of the materials proposed for publication, the authors […]

Procesul peer review

I. Description of peer review process: The reviewers of Publishing House Sapientia are personalities of the scientific or cultural life recognized at national and international […]