Gabriel-Iulian Robu: Il modello fondativo-contestuale di teologia fondamentale in un’epoca visiva

In this article we intend to find some ideas for an iconic thought in the context of contemporary “visual” culture. Starting from the distinction between the idol and the icon made by Marion and from her perspective on the iconic function of the concepts and the name of God, we will present some traits and gains of the iconic thought, following the orientations of the foundational-contextual model of the School Lateran. The method followed in this path places us within the Lateran School of Fundamental Theology. This model affirms that today is also the opportune moment to put the message of Revelation (the founding moment) in relation to the contemporary context (the contextual moment) in a sacramental horizon. The positive moment, the auditus fidei, is combined with the interpretative-contextual one, auditus temporis, on the way to a reliable intellectus Revelationis in today’s visual culture.


Dialog 49-7 Robu