Abelardo LOBATO: Antropologie şi acţiune politică. Preambul etic la politica justă

Is it possible the existence of a „true” politics which serve the man’s good and the society outside the ethic? Or, otherwise, can we talk about a politic deprived by ethics? The present conference tries to underline the report which must exist between ethic and politic: they must not be confused, neither completed separated, but they must be seen as distinct and complementary. Over this line of thinking, started by Aristotle and continued by Thomas Aquinas, must be placed the thinking and the political action of our days. It is necessary that every person in his political-ethical action must spotlight the pre-eminence of the ethic in the political activity. The man, individual human and the subject and the object of politic, must find his horizon, in which he is placed, for saving him from death: because after the death of God has been declared also the death of man. For saving him self, the human being must use his absolute liberty and all his other rights.

DT159_Abelardo LOBATO

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