Ciprian Fechetă: Christian Creationism and Scientific Evolutionism

The question regarding the origin of man is one of the oldest ones. But it came again at the surface of wondering with the anthropological revolution caused by Charles Darwin in the 19th century with his evolutionary theory about natural selection. Nowadays, after more than one century, after the scientific crisis, after the Intelligent design […]

Leon Pişta: Der mariologische Ansatz von Joseph Ratzinger

In diesem Artikel wird es den mariologischen Ansatz von Joseph Ratzinger analysiert. Dessen erster Teil skizziert drei methodische Aspekte, die für eine redliche Auslegung der Enzyklika „Redemptoris Mater“ von Papst Johannes Paul II. wichtig sind. Nach der Skizzierung dieser drei methodischen Aspekte werden drei inhaltliche Schwerpunkte der Enzyklika präsentiert. Der zweite Teil des Artikels analysiert […]

Ioan Balan: Formare i seminaristi all’uso attento del televisore

Since its inception, the TV has spread rapidly in all homes, becoming an indispensable piece in the family environment around which relationships, habits, lifestyles are built, becoming a simple and inexpensive source of information and use of free time. Recent generations have grown up with TV and become addicted to the small screen, causing psychophysical […]

Michail Iulian Echert: Climate change – a global problem with a global answer

Climate change is characterized by a fundamental transformation of the terrestrial system. It involves a variety of effects upon many sectors that influence the climate. These effects have increased in numbers and intensity over the past decades. The irresponsible exploitation of natural resources and excessive pollution through industry contribute to disasters that have a great […]

Pius-Petru Iancu: La formazione iniziale del sacerdote nella Chiesa di oggi: il modello, l’analisi della situazione, le sfide e i protagonisti

The formation of seminarians in today’s socio-cultural and religious context is not an easy task. To be able to identify with Christ, «the good shepherd», and to live pastoral charity, the seminarian must make a deep and troubled itinerary formation. This is why we highlight the model of formation of future priests: Christ, the good […]

Michail Iulian Echert: Laudato si’ – The Merciful Solidarity

Laudato si’, published in 2015, represents Pope Francis’ first social encyclical letter. It has a close connection with two other social documents: Rerun novarum (1891) and Gaudium et spes (1965). Laudato si’ follows the steps of these revolutionary documents, treating the nowadays “new things” and concerning about the right way to interpret the signs of […]

Ciprian Fechetă: The roots of the question about the origin of man

Since Charles Darwin has came up with the theory of natural selection there has been a never-ending dispute between evolutionism and creationism regarding the origin of man. This tension has led to the searching of the roots, the roots of man and of the speech about him. These roots have to see the man as […]