Claudiu Dumea: Aplicarea reformei liturgice

The exposition has as an theme the implementation (term taken from the „wooden” language of politicians) of the liturgical reform in our context. Reform, another word discredited by the politicians. When he says „in our context”, the author means at the Iassy and Bucharest dioceses. It is not a scientific, systematic, historically documented, exhaustive exposition, […]

Eduard Ferenţ: Un nou suflu în teologia dogmatică

The author of the article claims that, when John XXIII started the 2nd Vatican Council, on the 11th of October 1962, almost an year of his priesthood had passed. That’s why he can say that he lived his priesthood in the light of the Council, in the ecclesial and social condition of a communist country […]

Vladimir Petercă: Reflecţii asupra Conciliului al II-lea din Vatican

The article sustains that all the difficulties that the Council fathers, all together with the shepherds and the Christians encountered when trying to penetrate and apply the 2nd Vatican Council’s norms and teachings, were for the benefit of the Church. Concerning to this, the author of the article remembers of the lab work that the […]

Aurel Percă: Teologia morală între vechi şi nou

This article sustains a base idea, namely, that in the moral life domain, there was always a tendency of „old” to „new” passing. In consequence, the article shows the way the passing from the casuistry moral to the moral inspired by the 2nd Vatican Council’s doctrine took place. In succession, the first beginnings of the […]

Petru Gherghel: Descoperirea Conciliului al II-lea din Vatican

The article begins with a pleading for the Church, that goes forward, follows its path, in spite of the threats and trials that fall upon it. Afterwards, the role of Councils is presented: they are the keepers of the unaltered redeeming truth; questions are also formulated concerning the 2nd Vatican Council in the light of […]

Ioan Robu: De ieri până astăzi la noi: Conciliul al II-lea din Vatican

The article is a personal testimonial of Bucharest’s archbishop, ÎPS IOAN ROBU, who recalls of the fact that, until 1990, we shared some, but a little of the new Council’s atmosphere, that stirred up the universal Church. The translation and the publication of the documents was possible only 25 years after the end of the […]

Wilhelm Dancă: Conciliul al II-lea din Vatican, izvor de reînnoire

The author of this editorial claims that in our country, the acception of the renewal spirit and the application of the 2nd Vatican Council’s pastoral-liturgical norms were distorted by the unfavorable social and political conditions in which the Christians and the shepherds of our Church lived, in the period of the Council’s sessions development. The […]

Anton DESPINESCU: Activitatea pastorală a lui Nicolae-Iosif Camilli ca arhiepiscop-episcop de Iaşi (1904-1915)

During the second millenium, in the Eastern teritory of the Carpathians, a Roman-Catholic presence is centified, in a misionary regim, until the creation of the Romanian modern state, first through the unification of the Moldavian and Muntenian principality, and, after the first World War, through the unification of Transylvania with the united Romanian state. The […]