Ramona Ciobanu: The Social Control Of Drug Users without Criminal Behaviour

The text attempts to provide a theoretical perspective on social control, with references to a number of theories and concepts from the sociological literature, expressed through events and situations in social life. The aim is to show the usefulness of different forms of social control for drug users without criminal behaviour, attempting to use a range of sociological theoretical concepts and perspectives combined with psychological, legal, ethological and criminological information.
The article is focused on how sociologists analyse social control from the perspective of offending behaviour, with a particular focus on drug user behaviour and the implications of control behaviour for drug users without offending behaviour. We will also highlight how social control theories are represented in modern society, highlighting their importance to the study of delinquent or criminal behaviour and how they may or may not apply to drug users without delinquent, criminal behaviour.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.53438/DAPJ9238

Dialog 52-5 Ciobanu Ramona



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