Mihăiţă BLAJ: Teologia pluralistă a religiilor

The article underlines the fact that for the 3rd millennium Christian theology, the religious pluralism is a true instigation. This thing is confirmed by the numerous discussions concerning the theology of the religions, discussions that have different new tendencies: – eclesiocentrical, theocentrical with a normative christology, theocentrical with a non-normative christology – and paradigms: regnocentrical, […]

Eduard FERENŢ: Cristologia lui Hans Urs von Balthasar (1905-1988)

Before making an introduction in the theological thought of Hans Urs von Balthasar, the author of this study introduces the reader in the personal life of the Swiss theologist, pointing the important moments of his sacerdotal life. The essential elements of Balthasar’s cristology, are described starting from some fundamental notions: the supernatural, the beautiful supernatural, […]

Ştefan LUPU: Adevărul în teologia sfântului apostol şi evanghelist Ioan

The author of the article starts from the classical become question, „what is the truth?” and intents to discover if there is a specific Christian concept of truth. The fundament of the study is constituted by the writings of saint apostle and evangelist John, the one that imprinted with his vision the Christian conception of […]

Rino FISICHELLA: Apologetica moderna e le sfide del mondo contemporaneo

In this article, the bishop Fisichella sustains the fact that the tasks that belong to the fundamental theology must be rethought in modern terms, because the cultural context of nowadays is profoundly changed by the carthesian „cogito” and by the subjective dimension of the human knowledge, introduced by Kant. This cultural situation verifies itself especially […]

Wilhelm DANCĂ: Pentru adevăr: Petru sau Pilat?

The editorial underlines the fact that, the circumstances in which we live, the important matter is the attitude towards truth, that seems corrupted and confused; it can see that we aren’t prepared to search and accept the truth. Amongst other causes it indicates that the nowadays man is invaded from all parts by contradictions, falsity, […]

Anton Dancă: Vocaţia la preoţie şi la viaţa consacrată

The testimony-article shows the fact that the author didn’t have too many information concerning the 2nd Vatican Council, but hoped in a better change in the life of the Iassy Dioceses’ Church, tested so hard, starting especially with 1998, when the Seminaries and convents were closed down. Many teenagers, having only a small step in […]

Anton Lucaci: Adieri conciliare peste Cortină

The author of the article responds to the invitation to present an ecclesiastical juridical theme or to give a „personal” testimony concerning the 2nd Vatican Council, choosing for the second variant it is known the fact that the revision of the ecclesiastical laws, announced publicly by pope John XXIII the same time as the decision […]