Adrian Petcu: Strategii ale Patriarhului Justinian Marina pentru organizarea şi dezvoltarea monahismului ortodox în perioada comunistă

The monastic problem which started with the reform of the prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza who asked the monasteries to have no land propriety, devastated the monasteries, so, at the beginning of XX century, there remained only some monasteries which hardly functioned. After the Second World War, at he beginning of the installation of the communist regime, an important role concerning the solution of this problem had the patriarch Justinian Marina. The study of Adrian Nicolae Petcu aims to underline the function of the patriarch in organizing and developing the Orthodox monasticism in the communist period. Even if was seen as a collaborator of the communist party, patriarch Justinian Marina deluded every appearance through the reforms he applied in order to resuscitate the orthodox monastic spirit and to form an elite staff among the monks who constituted the future army of the orthodox monasticism.

DT258_Adrian Petcu

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