Alois Moraru: Seminarul din Iaşi în perioada persecuţiei comuniste

Starting from the idea that the seminar is „the heart of a diocese” that pulses and trains all its members, father Alois Moraru presents in this article some aspects from the history of Iasi Catholic Seminar in a dim and difficult period, that one of communism. From the very beginning, the author warns us that this article is a free exposure, using in its elaboration, in the biggest part, original documents kept in different archives from the country and abroad. In the first part, father, after presenting a short history of the first tries of organizing a seminar for young indigenous people, passes and treats the history of Iasi Theological Seminar, beginning with its establishment (1886) and going on with its rather sinuous activity, under the guidance of the Diocese bishops and Institute rectors, till the instauration of communist regime in Romania (1947). In the second part, the author speaks about situation of the Seminar, when Mons. Anton Durcovici was appointed as bishop of Iasi (1947), a more and more difficult situation because of the opposition of communist authorities in developing the pupils and students formation, opposition that would lead even to stopping the Seminar’s activity and moving it, for a period of time, to Alba Iulia.


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