Andre MATTHEWS: Quo vadis knowledge? Quid ulterius? In search for a solution to the epistemological crisis

The article searches to respond to three questions: The first: what is the real situation of the knowledge today? To find an answer, the author analyses the ideas on this theme, expressed by two contemporary philosophers: J. Habermas and J.-F. Lyotard, which bring us to the conclusion that knowledge means experiencing of a crisis situation. Thus, a second questions: how can we exit this situation of crisis? Concerning this, the author lines these movements of the modernity and post-modernity that have the role to find the direction, the unity, the validity and the finality of the different forms of knowledge. Finally, a third question appears: what is the solution to the present epistemological and cultural crisis? The author expresses the conviction that the knowledge under all forms and richness needs a new spinal column: the metaphysics.


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