Anton Carpinschi: Nevoia de filozofie politică în lumea de astăzi

The need of political philosophy has always been integrated within the horizon of human’s social existence. On the other hand, the present article also wishes to make a short presentation of the laid effort in the common welfare administration, mostly in the modern and nowadays period. Although willing to analyze in what manner the today’s political philosophy still reflects the human needs and the social realities, the author observes that it has become more speculative and reactive than comprehensive and prospective. In consequence, knowing that the new political knowledge’s openings and perspectives depend mostly on the way that the various types of political theories correlate to the modernity’s legacy and to the post modernity challenges, the author’s approach is a methodological one. So there is proposed to outstrip of scientism, of ethics and of historicism, but also there is proposed the rehabilitation of practical philosophy, very good bounded with the philosophical conscience of the opening, of the plurality and complementarity and also with the permanent exercise of the human reflexivity in the aspiration toward wisdom in the common welfare administration.


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