Anton DESPINESCU: Saxa loquntur. Mărturii despre trecutul catolicilor din Moldova

The rock, an element that has a great receptivity of recording and durability, has the capacity to open beams of lights in a far away and darken past. In east of Carpathians this simple modality, but very expressive, of preserving a specific way of life, has its importance. Historical, archeological and literary analyse made by the author, dissipates a part of history’s ignorance fog over Moldavia’s Catholics identity. Great churches, such as the Cuman’s Episcopy, or those from Siret, Baia, Săbaoani and Cotnari, ruined by the passing by of time, speak about a Catholic presence in this area. Next to this impressive archeologic informations, there are also literary sources nevertheless important as well, which add their already established partiture to the archeologic harmony.


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