Aurel Percă: Teologia morală între vechi şi nou

This article sustains a base idea, namely, that in the moral life domain, there was always a tendency of „old” to „new” passing. In consequence, the article shows the way the passing from the casuistry moral to the moral inspired by the 2nd Vatican Council’s doctrine took place. In succession, the first beginnings of the renewal are presented, in order to find a new model of moral theology. Anyhow, the passing from „old” to „new” went slow. After the presentation of the moral theology’s development during and after the ending of the Council’s sessions, the article shortly presents the main dimensions of the new moral theology’s model, namely, the personal and commune dimension. Finally, the renewal situation of the moral theology in the Seminary (Institute of Iassy), the difficult steps taken to pass from the individualistic, psychological and juridical mentality of textbooks, to the mentality of manuals that point out the biblical, historical and ecclesiastical perspective of the moral.

DT114_PS Aurel Percă

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