Bogdan Herciu: Principii pentru o antropologie politică în „De civitate Dei” a sfântului Augustin

Even if there are 20 years from the ruin of the communist regime in Romania, still today the politicians and the intellectuals are looking for solutions in order to annihilate the results of the spiritual and material chaos caused by the dictatorial regime. The study of Bogdan Herciu aims to offer a satisfying solution for solving this acute problem by presenting the political and the anthropological thinking of the saint Bishop from Hippona. That is why, after exposing the reasons of choosing Saint Augustine’s thinking, the author underlines the most important categories of the Augustinian philosophy and theology and verifies their consistence by confronting them with the concrete historical situation. This grandiose vision of saint Augustine, which along history modeled consciences and institutions by reporting them to the superior social system founded on the evangelical command of charity, represents even today a truthful solution for the political and the anthropological problem of nowadays society.

DT223_Bogdan Herciu

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