Claudiu DUMEA: Cântul în liturgia romană. Muzica cerească şi muzica pământească

Music has always been fascinating; gift made by God to all mankind, is in the same time the language of God. Singing has always been considerated the most solemn manifestation of religious feeling, the highest expression of praise, adoration and gratitude brought to God. It’s role in liturgy is not adjacent or contingent; continuing the tradition of the Jewish people, Christians are a people that sing. Knowing all these, not rarely music enters in conflict with the liturgy; the danger of false inculturations has been present in the beginning of the Church and is also present now. Because of this, the author describes the role of singing in liturgy, and later he gives some general norms, among which, in a special way, are presented a few norms about singing at the Mass.


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