Claudiu IANUŞ: Dimensiunea antropologică a mişcărilor religioase contemporane

In our days, the birth and the proliferation of the new religious movements takes place in the background of a cultural rupture. The phenomenon of the new religious movements’ apparition is an invitation for the members of the Church to analyze and to recognize their responsibilities for the apparition and the proliferation of these new forms of religiosity. The article presents and evaluates from a Christian point of view two movements, which the author has considered more challenging in the local context – in the way it infiltrates and wins followers (the New Age movement), through the good organization, the number of adepts, and the exaggerated missionarism (the witnesses of Iehovah). Finally, the article pleads for the great anthropological affirmation of the Church of Christ in the beginning of the 3rd millennia: the mystery of the man won’t be understood but in the mystery of Christ.


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