Damian Ghe. Pătraşcu: Credinţă şi religie. În ce/cine se crede!Răspunsul lui Dostoievsky

This article wants to offer an answer to one of mans biggest ques-tions: in what/who do we believe in? To reach his purpose the author firsts pre-sents the conditions in which fait in today’s society is found, highlighting the positive and the negative aspects. To question to which the answer is still to be found – why is not there anymore belief – is situated in the thinking surrounds of the great Russian writer Dostoevsky, who, to the end of his life, became the “spiritual guide of the Russian people”. Having as an aid the letter belonging to the Russian writer, the article’s writer presents the causes of the unbelief: ignorance regarding the “substance” of Christ and the dead load of the heart. However, although he is aware of the fact that today the atheism and leaving the Christianity is a massive and arrogant phenomenon, father Gh. Patraşcu PhD., emphasises that the religious felling and the Gospel nostalgia are here to touch our hearts, and often with promising results.

DT308_Damian Ghe. Pătraşcu

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