Eduard Ferenţ: Strigătul unui păstor patern în vederea evanghelizării credincioşilor săi

Through a dogmatic approach to the theme of secularism, pr. prof. Edward Ferenţ analyzed the context and the coordinates of the evangelization as it is seen by the Second Council of Vatican and by the first bishop of Iasi, Nicolae Iosif Camilli, and then is looking for an answer that is given by secularism to the new evangelization of people from the third millennium. Firstly, starting from the documents of the Second Council of Vatican, the author shows which is the social context of the new evangelization – secularization of the human life, that is the removal of people from God. Then the author exposes the coordinates of the evangelization of the first Shepherd of the Dioceses of Iasi, Bishop N.I. Camilli, presenting the paternal shout of this bishop as it is presented in a discourse addressed to the Catholics from Paris. Finally, the author, starting from the text of the bishop of Iasi, shows that even in that time the Dioceses of Iasi intended to answer to secularization through a new evangelization of man. In conclusion, pr. prof. E. Ferenţ shows what the new evangelization should defend: identity of the Christ, the primacy of the Kingdom and the centrality of salvation, the identity of the church, the Sacramental identity of the church, and the human dignity.

DT266_Pr Eduard FERENŢ

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