Eduard Ferenţ: Un nou suflu în teologia dogmatică

The author of the article claims that, when John XXIII started the 2nd Vatican Council, on the 11th of October 1962, almost an year of his priesthood had passed. That’s why he can say that he lived his priesthood in the light of the Council, in the ecclesial and social condition of a communist country hostile to the Catholic Church, and sequently, to the Council. The conference is a proof for the conditions in which, as a Catholic priest and theology professor, beginning with the 1st of January 1962, he knew and applied the 2nd Vatican Council’s doctrine during his sacerdotal ministry. The testimony contains three moments: the first refers to the period succeeding the Council; the second refers to the period of 1967-1975, namely, the years of the Council’s application in the our ecclesiastical context; the last moment refers to the period after the Council between 1975-2003.

DT116_Eduard Ferenţ

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