Eduard Soare: Le antifone nella liturgia della Chiesa. Le antifone „hodie” dell’Ufficio

In the history, the prayer of the Church had different expressions and its development carefully considered the sung form. The antiphons were used in the Mass and in the Divine Office which means that this form of prayer has become an important liturgical function over time. This study explores a small group of antiphons: the “hodie antiphons”. The author wants to bring together all the antiphons of the Divine Office which begin with this word hodie (= today) and to delimit a repertoire quite original in terms of melodic and textual composition. The first part of this work offers a historical analysis of the concept of antiphon, the history and evolution of this concept and its use in the celebrations. The central part contains the analysis of the word hodie and the analysis of the manuscripts used in the preparing of the edition of Corpus Antiphonalium Officii, edited by the Benedictines of Solesmes (France).

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