Egidiu Condac: Necesităţile locale şi politicile globale

A very important principle of the Church’s social doctrine is subsidiarity; this principle regulates the relation between inferior and superior, between global and local. In the context of globalization respecting this principle is an acute necessity. About this reality speaks Egidiu Condac in his article, which starts by presenting the old anticipations of globalization in Church’s feature of universality. In parallel of this „confessional” globalization, the contemporary society promotes an economical one, which influences people, families and culture. This process often ignores the local needs of states, causing the appearance of an opposition between globalization and localism. In order to surpass this detrimental situation, at the end of this article the author proposes some solutions: the strategies which defend the common good, the knowledge of the local necessities, the communications between global and local.

DT2112_Egidiu Condac

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