Elena Bortă: Fantasticul şi sacrul în proza lui M. Eliade

The scientifically and the literary thinking of Mircea Eliade represents a deep and an ample universe whose knowledge requires the help of some guides able to lead us to the essential aspects of his writings. The study of Elena Bortă just aims to guide us in this vast universe of Mircea Eliade by exposing and explaining the main notions from the books of the great historian of religions: coincidentia oppositorum, theatrum mundi, mythology of memory and of oblivion. Keeping the methodology of the great scientist, the author of this article demonstrates the influence of these notions in the writings of the universal literature, in the texts of the Asian cultures and religions, and in the evolution of the characters from the novels of Mircea Eliade. For the contemporary people, these scientific notions do not represent tedious abstractions because they theorize the essential aspects of the human reality in its concretization and continuity along the centuries.

DT225_Elena Bortă

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