Emil Dumea: Cultură, cult şi interculturalitate: repere istorice şi ideologice europene contemporane

At the beginning of 2007, Romania joined UE, belonging in this way to the great intercultural family of the European states. This social-political context, which has also religious implications, explains the appearance of this essay. The author exposes the plenty of signification of the term culture applying it in the present times, bringing out into bold relief the relation with cult: culture without cult is cold and empty; cult without culture is the unjustified limitation of the human person. In the context of the European community the inter-cultural dialog is both a duty and an occasion of reciprocal knowledge and of communicating values. This dialog is able to eliminate tensions and schisms caused by the ignoring of the other partner, remaining in this way a permanent and reciprocal requirement.

DT207_Emil Dumea

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