Emil DUMEA: Monumente paleocreştine din Dobrogea

Based only on archeological sources, numerous and credible, the author gives us a general point of view over Dobrogea’s paleochristian monuments, which bring informations about important and powerful Christian communities. There are analyzed not more than 14 places that had one church at least, which ruins still can be investigated. Very important is the fact that these monuments were build close related with the absolute Christian testimony, the martirage. Next to this places where the archeological traces are still visible and already have been studied, there are another 21 places which are reminded in literary sources of having Catholic communities and churches, but the archeology cannot tell us anything about them yet. In the end of this article there is an interesting point of view about the metropolitan See of Tomis and his jurisdictional and canonical importance over the other episcopal Sees of Scythia Minor.


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