Fabian Doboş: Contribuţia Episcopului Dominic Jaquet (1895-1903) la dezvoltarea culturii în Dieceza de Iaşi

At the beginning of its existence, the Diocese of Iaşi was led by alien Bishops who perceived the spiritual and the material problems of the new Diocese and contributed in many ways to solve them. One of the greatest Bishops who worked in Moldavia was the Franciscan Swiss Dominic Jaquet (1843-1931). After presenting the main steps of his historical research, the author of this study exposes briefly the biography of this brave Bishop, underlining the central aspects of his formative curriculum. Then Fabian Doboş illustrates the activity as Bishop of Dominic Jaquet and his pastoral and cultural accomplishments; finally the author bring into bold relief the role of the Bishop Dominic Jaquet in promoting the cultural life in the Diocese of Iaşi, especially his contribution in building and supporting the Institute Cipariu.

DT224_Fabian Doboş

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