Fabian Doboş: Dominic Jaquet şi formarea intelectuală a tinerilor catolici moldoveni

In this article, father Fabian Dobos, presents the context of intellectual formation of Moldovan young Catholics, starting with the activity of the bishop Dominic Jaquet (1895-1903) in this regard. After a short biography, the author presents the intellectual formation in Iasi Seminar, founded by the bishop Camilli in 1886, highlighting Jaquet’s care for integral youth formation and for the studies quality in the seminar. Further, the author presents the intellectual formation, this time in the Institute Cipariu, founded by Jaquet in 1895. Then, father Fabian Dobos treats the problem of teaching religion courses in girl schools of the Congregation Notre Dame de Sion from Iasi and Galati. At the end, the author looks over the formative activity of Franciscan Seminar and Cantor School from Halaucesti, institutes founded also by Dominic Jaquet.
The author’s conclusion is that this bishop, during the period when he was parson at Iasi Diocese, sought to form cultural Catholic elite, a group that may be useful to the interests of the Catholics from Romania.


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