Fabian Pitreţi: La nozione di identità narrativa in Paul Ricoeur. Una possibile soluzione al dramma della ricerca del sé

The theme of the article concerns the question of identity, in particular the notion of narrative identity discussed by Paul Ricoer in Time and Narrative and in Oneself as Another. The topic, therefore, specifically concerns the field of philosophical anthropology and the philosophy of language with an important reference to the question of narrativity. Briefly, the central question that the article deals with concerns Paul Ricoeur’s intuition between what we are and the story that each of us builds to distill a narrative thread and therefore to give meaning to our lives. In other words, the notion of narrative identity represents a paradigm which, on the one hand, understands and explains the stability of human identity but which also recognizes and gives a theoretical foundation to a change of perspective and interpretation of ourselves; therefore, on what we are and on the world in which we live, an identity and a perception of self no longer idem but always in motion, i.e. ipse, exactly like the narrative thread of a story.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.53438/CXUI6751

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